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Seliger, Mark
Brad Pitt, Los Angeles, CA

Lotto 4331

"Brad Pitt, Los Angeles, CA". 1998/printed 2004. Chromogenic print. 46,5 x 36,5 cm (50,7 x 40,5 cm). Signed, titled, copyrighted and editioned 4/25 by the photographer in ink on the verso, hinge-mounted in mat.

In very good condition.

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.320)

Schürmann, Wilhelm
"Eingang Paradies, Berlin"

Lotto 4332

"Eingang Paradies, Berlin". 2015. Cibachrome print. 20 x 30 cm (30 x 40 cm). Signed, titled and dated by the photographer in black marker on the verso.

In excellent condition.

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.320)

Shimomura, Shotaro
The World through Lenses

Lotto 4333

"The World through Lenses". 1934/35. 36 vintage warm-toned gelatin silver prints on chamois paper. Each circa 15,5 x 21 cm. Each with protective tissue leaf (some with small losses/tears) with printed title in Japanese and English. In original carved wooden box with hinged lid and blue paper title label The World Through Lenses. Souvenir Photo Sketches of Shotaro Shimomura's Tour round the World 1934-35 on inside lid.

As chairman of the department store chain, Daimaru Inc., Shotaro Shimomura made extensive trips to Europe and the United States to study the management of department stores. He was an avid photographer with an enormous interest in western culture. On his trip around the world from 1934-1935 he took photographs which were later grouped in a series called "The World through Lenses". He offered these photographs only to his friends and relatives upon his return as a collection in an ornate wooden box. The collection includes images of Old Europe and the New World. Industrial landscapes, traffic scenes and city lights are rendered with a modern perspective and point to other great photographers of the time such as Berenice Abbott, Karl Struss and Paul Strand.
The complete collection is rare and only two sets are known; one set consisting of 30 photographs is in the private American Museum of Photography.
The titles include: A Farmhouse in Innsbruck, Austria; Magasin du Nord of Copenhagen, Denmark; Roadside of Cairo, Egypt; Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Shottery, England; A Morning in Hyde Park, London, England; Streets of Warwick, England; A Policeman at Cumberland Gate, London, England; Grammar School at Stratford on Avon, England; Westminster Abbey, London, England; Station at Gourock, Scotland; The Old Bridge of Sterling, Scotland; Christmas Interior Decoration of the Bon Marché, Paris, France; A Morning at the Bank of the Seine, Paris, France; Outskirts of Amsterdam, Holland; Mt. Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling, India; Sampans at the port of Rangoon, India; The Pearl Mosque in Fort Delhi; Pavement at the Taj Mahal at Agra, India; Canal Grande, Venice, Italy; A small bridge of Venice, Italy; A gondola at Venice, Italy; Peak of Eiger from Mürren, Switzerland; A chapel near Interlaken, Switzerland; A small village at the Lake of Lucerne, Switzerland; Downtown skyline of New York, U.S.A.; A country highway of the Middle West, U.S.A.; Niagara Water Fall, U.S.A.; Westbank of the Hudson from Riverside, New York, U.S.A.; Outside of the Japanese Garden in Brooklyn Botanic Garden, N.Y., U.S.A.; Entrance to the Wanamaker Store of Philidelphia, U.S.A., with the statue of La Fayette; At the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco, U.S.A.; R.H. Macy's from the top of the Empire State Building, New York, U.S.A.; On the 57th Street, New York, U.S.A.; A "Left Turn Only" corner of Michigan Avenue, Chicago, U.S.A.; Twenty-fifth annual Convention of Rotary International at Detroit, U.S.A. and A Seagull racing with S.S. "Katori Maru".
The famous central library of Waseda Daigaku is based on the foundation and private library of Shimomura Shōtarō. It contains 93 titles and 2,846 volumes on philosophy and literature of the Ming period (1368-1644). Members of the Shimomura family were well-read in Chinese intellectual history and Chinese literature, so that in the course of time numerous Chinese works had accumulated in the family library. In 1910 Shimomura transferred the above mentioned works as a donation to the Waseda Daigaku. – Some prints with light oxidation mirroring in edges, otherwise most in very good condition.

€ 9.000   (US$ 9.900)

Singh, Raghubir
Srinagar, Kashmir

Lotto 4334

Srinagar, Kashmir. 1984/printed circa 1985. Dye transfer print. 24,5 x 37 cm (41 x 51,5 cm).

Singh was born in Jaipur to an aristocratic Rajput family. His grandfather was commander-in-chief of the Jaipur armed forces, his father a Thakur or feudal landowner of Khetri (Rajasthan). After independence, the family lost influence and much of its wealth. As a student he discovered "Beautiful Jaipur", Cartier-Bresson's little-known book published in 1948, which aroused his interest in photography. Today he is regarded as one of the great pioneers of early color photography alongside important photographers such as William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld and Joel Meyerowitz. Singh's work documents Indian culture and the changing times the country has faced. Singh's works have primarily been shown in major American institutions, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Tate Modern, and many others. He has published more than fourteen books on India and received numerous international awards. – A fine print in excellent condition.

€ 1.000   (US$ 1.100)

Singh, Raghubir
Ritual, India

Lotto 4335

Ritual, India. Circa 1984/printed circa 1985. Dye transfer print. 24,5 x 37 cm (41,5 x 51,5 cm).

A fine print in excellent condition.

€ 1.000   (US$ 1.100)

Sintenis, Renée
The artist Renée Sintenis

Lotto 4336

Photographer: Peter Cürlis (1924-1997) and Schuch. The artist Renée Sintenis at work, 1955; Self-portrait bust, 1945. 2 vintage ferrotyped gelatin silver prints. 24,2 x 19,2 cm and 23,2 x 16,7 cm. Each with photographer's stamp, layout notes in pencil and annotated in ink on the verso.

Renée Sintenis, famous for her animal sculptures, created the "Berlin Bear" for the Berlin Film Festival. The first image is a still from the film 'Renée Sintenis zeichnet und modelliert ein Fohlen' (1955). – First photo with some handling creases, small emulsion loss in lower right corner and retouching for publication; second photo with stronger crease in upper area.

€ 300   (US$ 330)

Stackpole, Peter
The artist Parker Hall

Lotto 4337

[*] The artist Parker Hall (1898-1982). 1931. Vintage gelatin silver print. 8,5 x 12 cm. Mounted to board (slightly soiled), signed and dated by the photographer in pencil below the image on the mount.

Minimal oxidation mirroring in edges only visible at an angle, otherwise in very good condition.

€ 600   (US$ 660)

Steiner, André
Experimental abstract study (photogram)

Lotto 4338

Experimental abstract study (photogram). 1930s. Vintage ferrotyped gelatin silver print. 24 x 18,2 cm. Photographer's/copyright stamp with pictogram on the verso.

A few small handling marks, small nicks in edges, corners slightly worn, lower and upper edges curled, otherwise in good condition.

€ 500   (US$ 550)

Stone, Sasha
Berlin: Schloßbrücke; Opernplatz

Lotto 4339

[*] Berlin: Schloßbrücke; Opernplatz. Circa 1928. 2 vintage, warm-toned, ferrotyped gelatin silver prints. Each circa 18 x 23,7 cm. Each with photographer's/copyright stamp (Cami Stone), with press text label, therein annotated in pencil on the verso.

Slightly buckled, a few light handling marks, otherwise in good condition.

€ 600   (US$ 660)

Strache, Wolf
Paestum, Jupiter Temple

Lotto 4340

Paestum, Jupiter Temple. 1956. Vintage ferrotyped gelatin silver print on Agfa-Portriga-Rapid paper. 30 x 23,5 cm. Signed by the photographer in pencil, photographer's/copyright stamp as well as titled, dated and numbered in another hand in pencil on the verso.

A few light handling crease marks and some surface scratching, more visible at an angle, corners slightly bumped, otherwise in very good condition.

€ 500   (US$ 550)

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