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All Chapters 19th Century Photography / Fotografie des 19. Jahrhunderts
20th Century and Contemporary Photography / Fotografie des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
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Chopin, Frédéric
Views of the birthplace of Frédéric Chopin, Ze...

Lot 4031

Views of the birthplace of Frédéric Chopin, Zelazowa Wola, Poland. 1860s. 5 albumen prints (4 oval and 1 with rounded corners). Each circa 12 x 10 cm and 12,5 x 10,7 cm. Each mounted to board (slightly soiled), each annotated in ink in Polish below/above the images, in contemporary folder.

These rare views are the earliest known photographs showing the manor house in Zelazowa Wola, Poland, which belonged to the Polish nobleman, politician and independent scholar Fryderyk Skarbek (1792 - 1866) and where his godson Frédéric Chopin was born. These views are not known to be in any archives, including the Frédéric Chopin Museum, Warsaw. – A few spots, some surface scuff marks, one with foxing spots, one faded, otherwise in good condition.

€ 3.000   (US$ 3.540)

Hammer Price
€ 4.600 (US$ 5.428)

Panorama of Constantinople

Lot 4032

[*] Photographer unknown. Panorama of Constantinople from the Galata Tower. Early 1870s. 5 albumen prints mounted together as leporello to board (dusty in parts) in modern canvas portfoilio. Each circa 23 x 23 cm (23 x 120 cm).

Fading of photos along joint lines, some soiling along outer left edge of left outermost photo, otherwise in good condition.

€ 900   (US$ 1.062)

Hammer Price
€ 600 (US$ 708)

Souvenir de Constantinople

Lot 4033

Photographer: Gülmez Frères (active 1870s- 1890s) and J. P. Sebah and Policarpe Joaillier (1872 - 1947, 1848 - 1904). Views of Constantinople. 1880s - 1890s. 40 albumen prints. Each circa 20 x 25 cm and 25 x 20 cm. Most with number/title and photographer's name in lower edge in the negative, mounted to album board with handwritten captions in French ink below the images on the mount, bound in red half leather album (edges slightly rubbed and soiled) with gilt-embossed title Souvenir de Constantinople, Photographie Apollon, Gülmez Freres Phot. De S. M. I. Le Sultan.

Photos in very good condition with strong contrasts.

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.416)

Hammer Price
€ 1.100 (US$ 1.298)

Golden wedding anniversary of the Magnus family...

Lot 4034

Photographer: Johann Eberhard Feilner (1802 - 1869). Golden wedding anniversary of the Magnus family, Bremen. Circa 1845. 2 half-plate daguerreotypes (each circa11 x 14 cm). Each in paper surrround taped behind glass in contemporary ornamental gilt wooden frames (some chips, missing pieces).

Johann Eberhard Feilner was a lithographer in Cologne until he followed his brother Franz to Bremen who had a printing press there since 1825. Here he married and established himself as of 1832 as a portrait painter and drawing teacher. As of 1844 he founded a studio for daguerreotypes in 1844 and in 1845 already advertised exceptionally large daguerreotypes.
For almost two decades Feilner remained the most renowned photographer of the region who was also the first to establish himself permanently in Bremen. After his death in 1869 his son Jean Baptiste Feilner continued the business, establishing branches in Braunschweig, Emden, Oldenburg, Borkum, Bonn, Koblenz, Hannover and Vienna. The Bremen studio continued until 1894.
The present two daguerreotypes, which actually comprise a diptych, are one of three known identical group portraits two of which are in the National Museum of Photography, Denmark and the Museum Ludwig, Cologne. The occasion of this group portrait is typed on a label on the verso of the daguerreotypes in the Museum Ludwig and in Denmark. It shows the Golden wedding anniversary of the Magnus family of Bremen (circa 1845). The entire family is most likely depicted on the two half-plates. Such a large format daguerreotype showing so many individuals is very rare for images made in German speaking countries at this time. The three known diptychs mentioned above all show the identical image from the same sitting. However, the Cologne daguerreotype is a reverse image of the two offered here as well as the diptych in Denmark. Such reversed images are not uncommon of larger group portraits. With some skill, good lighting and using a mirror it was quite easy to reproduce a daguerreotype. Thanks to this procedure, the photographer was able to eliminate two disadvantages of the daguerreotype. He created a correct image (not inverted as an original daguerreotype was) and a copy for other interested clients, which only became possible just a short time later with the positive-negative process developed by Talbot or Scott Archer. – Some oxidation in edges and spots within image, otherwise in good condition.

Lit.: Rainer Wick (ed.) Die Pioniere der Photographie. 1840 - 1900. Die Sammlung Robert Lebeck. Erlangen 1989, ill. p. 33 (original daguerreotypes mounted as a panoramic view).

€ 2.800   (US$ 3.304)

Hammer Price
€ 3.200 (US$ 3.776)

Davanne, Louis-Alphonse
View of the port of Marseilles

Lot 4035

(Attributed to). View of the Port of Marseilles. 1880s. Albumen print. 16 x 21 cm. Mounted to board and matted.

Born in Paris in 1824, Louis-Alphonse Davanne was a chemist and important photographer. He was a founding member of the Société Francaise de la Photographie and the president from 1876 - 1901. He was very active in investigating new photographic processes and he travelled and photographed broadly, including in France, Italy, Germany and Algeria.

€ 500   (US$ 590)

After-Sales Price
€ 350   (US$ 413)

(Sale closed.
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Du Camp, Maxime
Grand Temple d'Isis, a Philae, Second Pylone

Lot 4036

"Grand Temple d'Isis, a Philae, Second Pylone" plate 74. 1849. Salt print (Blanquard-Evrard process). 22 x 16,7 cm (mount 31,5 x 44,5 cm ). Mounted to original album card (time-stained in edges, some light foxing/soiling, tear in right edge) with title, photographer's and publisher's name printed above/below the image on the mount.

A strong print in excellent condition.

Lit.: Bodo von Dewitz/ Karin Schuller-Procopovici (eds.). Die Reise zum Nil. 1849 - 1850. Göttingen 1997, ill. p. 149.

€ 750   (US$ 885)

Hammer Price
€ 500 (US$ 590)

Dutch India / Indonesia
Views of landscapes, volcanoes and people of Du...

Lot 4037

Photographer unknown. Views of landscapes, volcanoes and people of Dutch India. 1880s/90s. 21 albumen prints. Each circa 22 x 28 cm and some smaller. A few mounted to board, otherwise unmounted.

Some faded, some buckled and/or with handling marks, otherwise most in good condition and several with strong tones.

Provenance: Günter Heil Collection

€ 500   (US$ 590)

Hammer Price
€ 550 (US$ 649)

Dutch India / Java
Potraits, temples and landscapes of Java

Lot 4038

Photographer unknown. Portraits, temples and landscapes of Java. 1890s. 26 albumen prints. Various sizes, most circa 21 x 27 cm and smaller. Some numbered and titled in the negative in lower corners, mounted to board (time-stained, foxing in edges), annotated in German in ink below the images on the mount.

This group includes thirteen images of Parahyangan (a cultural and mountainous region of West Java). Other images show ruins of temples and monuments of Brambanan and Borobudur, Java. – Some surface scuff marks, a few faded in edges, otherwise most with strong contrasts and in very good condition.

€ 750   (US$ 885)

Hammer Price
€ 500 (US$ 590)

East Asia / SMS "Stosch"
Reise S.M.S. Stosch nach China und Japan 1881-1883

Lot 4039

Photographer: Gustav Adolf Riemer (1842 - 1899). "Reise S.M.S. Stosch nach China und Japan 1881-1883, photographirt und herausgegeben v. G. Riemer, Marine Zahlmeister. Band II (of 2) See- und Schiffsbilder". Circa 59 collotypes on 19 plates. Most circa 10 x 16,5 cm, some larger. Mounted to album boards (time-stained in edges, some moisture stains in lower edge), with captions printed below the images on the mount, bound in ornamental half leather with gilt edges (water stain in lower edge), gilt and black stamped front board and gilt-stamped spine. F.A. Brockhaus, Leipzig 1883.

In 1859 Gustav Adolf Riemer joined the Prussian Marines. After his service on the S.M.S. Hertha and S.M.S. Meteor he became paymaster on the S.M.S. Stosch. Already during his time on the S.M.S. Hertha he began photographing and took his famous images of the South Seas. The photographs in this album were taken on trips to China and Japan and they document various work carried out on the upper and lower deck of the ship, as well as repairs done in the docks. – Prints in very good condition.

€ 900   (US$ 1.062)

After-Sales Price
€ 600   (US$ 708)

(Sale closed.
Inquire for availability.)

Album du Musée Boulaq

Lot 4040

Auguste Mariette. "Album du Musée Boulaq. Kairo". 3 l. and 42 ll. with 42 carbon prints on 40 plates by (Hippolyte) Délié and (Émile) Béchard, most circa 25 x 19,5 cm. Folio, original half-leather (edges rubbed, front cover loose, spine cracked) with gilt-tooling and gilt-stamped title. Cairo, Mourés, 1872.

Perez, Focus East 153 f. A comprehensive documentation of objects from the Egyptian museum in Bulaq, founded in 1858 which was the forerunner of the current Egyptian Museum in Cairo, commentary by the important Egyptologist Auguste Mariette. During a flood in 1878 the museum suffered considerable losses. The book was praised as "one of the most luxurious and finely printed books of the period" (Perez). – Page edges slightly toned, a few pages with tear in lower region, pages at front and back dusty, photos in excellent condition with strong dark tones.

€ 1.800   (US$ 2.124)

Hammer Price
€ 2.400 (US$ 2.832)

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