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Fine Art Department

In our biannual art auctions we offer works of the 15th-21st century including paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures.

We specialize in works on paper and are one of the leading auction houses on the international market in this field.

Our competent specialists will gladly help you in assessing and valuating your objects.

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For valuations and consignments as well as appointments for house calls please contact our experts directly:

15th-19th Century Art

Ruth Baljöhr
Dr. Ruth Baljöhr
15th-19th Century Art (HoD)

David Bassenge
David Bassenge

Harald Weinhold
Harald Weinhold

Lea Kellhuber
Lea Kellhuber

Nadine Keul
Nadine Keul

Tel +49-30-893 80 29-22
Tel +49-30-893 80 29-17
Tel +49-30-893 80 29-13
Tel +49-30-893 80 29-20
Tel +49-30-893 80 29-21
Modern Art

Klaus Spermann
Klaus Spermann
Modern Art (HoD)

Simone Mattow
Simone Mattow

Katharina Fünfgeld
Katharina Fünfgeld
(parental leave)

Sandra Espig
Sandra Espig
Tel +49-30-88 91 07 91
Tel +49-30-88 91 07 93
Tel +49-30-88 91 07 90
Tel +49-30-202 15 83 21
Representatives / Consultants

Matthias Kunze
Dr. Matthias Kunze
Southern Germany

Mayme Neher
Dr. Mayme Neher
Representative Rhineland

Senior Consultants


Dr. Nicolaas Teeuwisse
Prints and Drawings
Telephone +49-171-483 04 86


Jörg Maaß
Modern Art
Telephone +49-170-486 90 64
Tel +49-7309-2737
Tel +49-175-204 63 23