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Katalog Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts » Abteilung Photographie
Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts Auktion 112, Mi., 5. Dez., 15.00 Uhr

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Alle Kapitel 19th Century Photography / Fotografie des 19. Jahrhunderts
20th Century and Contemporary Photography / Fotografie des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
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Hauptbild Beschreibung Status
Artist's Book
Körper "München" (1995)

Los 4101

Körper "München" (1995). With an introduction by Wolfgang Kehr and afterword by Gottfried Eder. 22 l with 18 original gelatin silver prints by students of the Institut für Kunstpädagogik der Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität Munich with illustrated transparent cover l for each photograph. 30 x 38 cm. Original cloth covered boards (corners minimally rubbed) with original photo-illustrated cover and screw binding. Munich 1996.

One of only 30 copies. A very creative and impressive photobook comprising the works of 18 students of the Institut für Kunstpädagogik der Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität Munich of 1995. Each of the black and white prints are covered by an illustrated transparent leaf which creates another image when the two are pressed together. – Excellent condition.

€ 400   (US$ 455)

Atget, Eugène
Com du College Torlet, rue Vilette

Los 4102

"Com du College Torlet, rue Vilette". Circa 1900. Albumen print. 22 x 17,6 cm. Annotated by the photographer in pencil on the verso. Matted.

Slight damage in the negative in upper right corner, slightly faded in edges, otherwise in very good condition.

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.367)

Atget, Eugène
Rue Asselin

Los 4103

[^] "Rue Asselin". 1924-25/printed 1930s by Berenice Abbott. Gelatin silver print. 23,3 x 17,2 cm. Reproduction limitation stamp and Eugene Atget Photographs, Collection Berenice Abbott on the verso.

Printed by Berenice Abbott from Atget's negative. It is one of the earliest prints of the image made by Abbott. Prints of this image by Abbott are scarce. – Diagonal fold mark upper left, small crease in lower left corner, otherwise a strong tonal print in very good condition.

Lit.: John Szarkowski/Maria Morris Hambourg (eds.). Eugène Atget. 1857 - 1927. Das neue Jahrhundert. Band IV Munich 1985, ill. p. 104, plate 68.

€ 2.500   (US$ 2.849)

Attie, Shimon
Image from 'The writing on the Wall' series

Los 4104

Image from the 'The Writing on the Wall' series. 1991. Chromogenic print on Kodak Professional paper. 1992. 47 x 60 cm (56 x 68,5 cm). Signed and editioned 4/25 by the photographer in black marker (slightly faded) in lower margin. Mounted to board in corners and framed under glass in wood frame.

The renowned visual artist Shimon Attie's work spans photography, video installation and public projects. Describing his "The Writing on the Wall" project, which this image is from, the artist stated: "... I slide projected portions of pre-world war II photographs of Jewish street life in Berlin onto the same or nearby addresses where the photos were originally taken 60 years earlier. By using slide projection on location, fragments of the past were thus introduced into the visual field of the present. Thus parts of long destroyed Jewish community life were visually simulated, momentarily recreated. The projections were visible to street traffic, neighborhood residents, and passersby. As much of my art practice is a marriage between photography and installation art, during the course of the installations, I photographed the projections. The "Writing on the Wall" project was realized in one of Berlin’s former Jewish quarters, the Scheunenviertel, located in the Eastern part of the city, close to the Alexanderplatz". Attie's work has been shown at MoMA, NY, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. – In excellent condition.

Lit.: Shimon Attie. Finstere Medine. Projektionen im Scheunenviertel. A Work in Progress. Berlin1992, ill. unpaginated.
The Writing on the Wall: Projections in Berlin’s Jewish Quarter. Shimon Attie – Photographs and Installations, Heidelberg 1993.

€ 800   (US$ 911)

Avedon, Richard
Marilyn Monroe in furs and sequins

Los 4105

[^] Marilyn Monroe in furs and sequins. 1957. Vintage chromogenic print on Kodak paper. 30 x 23,5 cm. Stamp and annotated in pencil on the verso.

This image is from a May 1957 session Richard Avedon did with Monroe for publicity for "The Prince
and the Showgirl". Avedon's famous image of a melancholic Marilyn titled, "The Actress", is from the same sitting. – Handling marks/creases, corners bumped, some surface scuffing.

€ 1.800   (US$ 2.052)

Bartens, Lutz
Blechdosen 1

Los 4106

"Blechdosen 1". 1963. Vintage large-format ferrotyped gelatin silver print. 52,4 x 49,3 cm. Mounted to board; photographer's/copyright stamp, signed, titled and dated by the photographer in pencil on mount verso.

Lutz Bartens was a student of Otto Steinert. This work was made for a class pertaining to object photography. – Fold mark in upper mid portion, some surface scuff marks and scratches.

€ 900   (US$ 1.026)

Bauhaus Textiles
Sewn textile from the Bauhaus Textile Workshop

Los 4107

Photographer unknown. Sewn textile from the Bauhaus Textile Workshop in Weimar. Circa 1925. Vintage gelatin silver print. 17,5 x 11,7 cm. Annotated in pencil/red crayon on the verso.

The textile depicted was sewn by Berti Rosenberg who also was a costume designer for early German films in the 1920s. – Slight traces of use, otherwise in very good condition.

Lit.: Bauhaus Archiv Berlin. Das andere Bauhaus. Otto Bartning und die Staatliche Bauhochschule Weimar 1926 - 1930. Berlin 1996, ill. p. 156.

€ 300   (US$ 341)

Bauhaus II
Bauhaus II portfolio

Los 4108

Bauhaus II portfolio. 1921 - 1933/printed 1984. 10 (complete) gelatin silver prints. Various sizes between 10,2 x 12,9 cm (11,7 x 13,8 cm) and 29,2 x 23,3 cm (35,5 x 27,7 cm). Each print signed and/or stamped by the photographer/estate executor in the margin or on the verso, each print with edition stamp, therein editioned in ink as well as numbered on the verso, published by Galerie Rudolf Kicken, Cologne 1985. All prints matted.

The images include Herbert Bayer: "Glasaugen" circa 1928; Katt Both: "Atikah Zigaretten" 1930-31; Gerd Balzer "Prellerhaus-Balkone, Bauhaus Dessau" 1933; Horacio Coppola: "Egg and String" 1932; Ellen Auerbach: "Sewing Thread" circa 1930; Grete Stern: "Glass with Paper"1931; Georg Muche: "Stillife from Glass" 1921; Eugen Batz: "Net and Wood Fragments" 1930; Franz Ehrlich and Heinz Loew: "Study for light advertising", 1927-28 and Karl Straub: Photogram 1924/1984. Most printed from the original negative, some from copy negative by Gerd Sander, André Gelpke, Jutta Rößner and Ulrich Görlich. – A few prints with light buckling in edges, otherwise fine tonal prints in very good condition.

€ 5.000   (US$ 5.699)

Baur, Max
Lily of the Valley in vase

Los 4109

Lilly of the Valley in vase. 1930s. Hand-colored vintage gelatin silver print. 28,3 x 20,7 cm. Mounted along upper edge to card, signed and annotated Stilleben im Vorfrühling by the photographer in pencil in lower right on mount.

Some retouched spots, otherwise in very good condition. With: Original negative envelope with contact print (12 x 9 cm) of negative of the present image mounted on cover with photographer's archive label and annotations in pencil.

€ 500   (US$ 570)

Berko, Ferenc
Bamboo Pylon

Los 4110

Bamboo Pylon. Circa 1945. Vintage ferrotyped gelatin silver print. 21,7 x 16,7 cm. Photographer's stamp, 2 agency stamps, collection stamp, date stamp as well as annotated in pencil/crayon on the verso.

Handing marks/creases, some retouched spots, otherwise in good condition.

€ 900   (US$ 1.026)

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