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Katalog Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts » Abteilung Photographie
Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts Auktion 110, Mi., 6. Dez., 15.00 Uhr

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Hauptbild Beschreibung Status
Papal State
Portraits of high-ranking figures of the Papal ...

Los 4091

Photographer: Fratelli d'Alessandri (Antonio d'Alessandri [1818 - 1893] and Paolo Francesco d' Alessandri [1824 - 1889]) and unknown. Portraits of noblemen and high-ranking religous figures of the Papal State and other Roman figures. Late 1860s. 21 finely hand-colored carte-de-visite albumen prints all mounted to one board (37 x 48 cm).

A fine collection of hand-colored cdv portraits of the Roman society around the late 1860s. For example bishops, cardinals and military staff of the Papal State, as well as peasants and street sellers. – In very good condition and with bright colors.

€ 2.000   (US$ 2.340)

€ 1.500   (US$ 1.755)

Views of Moscow

Los 4092

Photographer: Joseph Daziaro (attributed to, 1831 - 1892). Views of Moscow. 1880s - 1890s. 7 albumen prints. Each circa 28 x 22 cm. Most mounted to board (slightly soiled, traces of use).

Some light surface scuff marks, some faded, otherwise most in good condition.

€ 600   (US$ 702)

€ 400 (US$ 468)

Views of Nizhny Novgorod and Murmansk

Los 4093

Photographer: Maxim Petrovich Dmitriev (1858 - 1948) and Jakob Iwanowitsch Leitzinger (1855 - ?) . Views of Nizhny Novgorod and Murmansk (1). 1890s. 7 albumen prints. Each circa 16,5 x 22 cm. Mounted to original studio board, with decorative gilt borders and with photographer's name in Russian, as well as studio logos and annotated in German in ink on mount verso.

In 1877 M.P. Dmitriev moved to Nizhny Novgorod where he learned and worked with Andrej Karelin. In 1887 he opened his own studio, later doing several projects such as "Prisoners Working on the Construction Site" and he photographed in typhus epedemic areas. He exhibited in Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago and New York and was a member of the Russian Photographic Society. – Some light surface scuff marks, otherwise most in very good condition.

€ 600   (US$ 702)

€ 400 (US$ 468)

Views of Kazan and Yekaterinburg

Los 4094

Photographer: Bebin studio in Kazan. Views of Kazan (8) and Yekaterinburg (3). 1890s. 11 albumen prints. Each circa 16,5 x 22 cm. Mounted to original studio board, with decorative gilt borders and with photographer's blindstamp, annotated in German and Russian in ink on mount verso.

Some light surface scuff marks, otherwise most in good condition.

€ 600   (US$ 702)

€ 700 (US$ 819)

Scheidler, Karl Hermann
Portrait of Karl Hermann Scheidler

Los 4095

[*] Photographer unknown. Portrait of Karl Hermann Scheidler. Circa 1850. Finely hand-painted salt print. 12 x 10 cm. Sandwich-mounted in original oval gilt-framed mat (17,7 x 14,8 cm).

Karl Hermann Scheidler ist zusammen mit Karl Otto Horn (1794-1879) und Heinrich Herrmann Riemann (1793-1872) einer der Gründerväter der Urburschenschaft. Die Gründungsversammlung fand statt am 12. Juni 1815 im Gasthaus „Grüne Tanne“ in Wenigenjena. Viele der Gründungsmitglieder kannten sich noch aus den Befreiungskriegen von 1813, wo sie in Lützows Freikorps gekämpft hatten. Die schwarze Uniform dieses Freikorps (rote Aufschläge, gold. Knöpfe), war legendär und wurde noch voller Stolz von etlichen Burschenschaftlern getragen. Schwarz, Rot, Gold wählte man schließlich für die Fahne der Urburschenschaft. Sie galt fortan als das Symbol für die deutsche Einheit.
Unser Foto zeigt Karl Hermann Scheidler mit Schildmütze u. Kokarde, wie sie u.a. auch in den Freikorps getragen wurde. Auch der uniformähnliche Rock, mit den goldenen Knöpfen mag noch daran erinnern. Scheidler war ab 1826 Prof. für Philosophie und 1842/43 Prorektor der Universität Jena.
Together with Karl Otto Horn and Heinrich Herrmann Riemann, Karl Hermann Scheidler was one of the founding fathers of the German student league in 1815. Like many other students from this time, Scheidler was a former participant in the German Campaign of 1813 against Napoleon. The volunteers' of 1813 uniform colors black, red and gold was adopted in the flag of the student league. – A strong print in excellent condition.

€ 500   (US$ 585)

€ 350 (US$ 409)

Sommer, Giorgio
Genre scenes

Los 4096

Genre scenes: Lazzarone; Zampognari (pipers); Funeral procession; Fishermen; Street scene with hand tailors. 1870s - circa 1886. 5 albumen prints (3 hand-colored). Each circa 20,5 x 25,7 cm. 3 with number11616, 11621, 11629 and each with photographer's name in the negative in lower corners. Each mounted to board.

Unusually large and rare genre scenes by Sommer. – Some surface scuff marks, some prints with small white spots, otherwise in good condition.

Lit.: Marina Miraglia (eds.). Giorgio Sommer in Italien. Fotografien 1857 -1888. Munich 1992, ill. pp. 102, 107 and 117.

€ 900   (US$ 1.053)

€ 600 (US$ 702)

South Africa
Travel album of South Africa and Tenerife

Los 4097

Album with views of landscapes, people, cities as well as trade and industry of South Africa, Tenerife and South America. 1880s-90s. 44 albumen prints. Most circa 17 x 24 cm. Mounted to album boards (slightly warped), album boards annotated in pencil, bound in contemporary red canvas album with gilt-tooled title (edges rubbed, some scratches).

An interesting, probably Swiss travel album of a voyage via Santa Cruz, Tenerife to Kapstadt, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Includes factory views and landscapes of the diamond mining industry in South Africa, with some views of the Kimberley mine and a harrowing image of bones in a mass grave. Other images show unusual portraits of African natives. The voyage ends in South America. – Some prints faded, a few with spots, otherwise most in very good condition.

€ 1.200   (US$ 1.404)

€ 800   (US$ 936)

Spain and Morocco
Portrait of Spanish group in traditional costume

Los 4098

Photographer unknown. Portrait of Spanish group in traditional costume; Arabian mother with child on back. 1870s. 2 albumen prints. 29,2 x 39 cm and 23,5 x 17,9 cm. Each mounted to board.

Some surface scuff marks, first print with minimal fading in edges, otherwise in very good condition.

€ 600   (US$ 702)

€ 400 (US$ 468)

Svoboda, Alexander Sandor
Inner courtyard view of Moroccan house

Los 4099

Inner courtyard view of Moroccan house. Circa 1865. Albumen print. 25,6 x 34,4 cm. Signed by the photographer in the negative in lower right corner, Marion & Co., 23 Soho Square London blindstamp in lower right corner, annotated in pencil on the verso.

Most likely of Russian origin, Alexander Svoboda established a studio in Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey, in the mid–1850s, where he produced travel albums for young aristocrats as they made the "grand tour" of the eastern Mediterranean and biblical sites. Svobodas Seven Churches of Asia (1869), with text by H. B. Tristram and with 20 mounted prints, documented the remains of seven cities in the region of Anatolia that received epistles from John describing his visions, as recorded in the New Testament book of Revelations. He travelled extensively in the Middle East and India. Also known as a portrait painter his photographs soon became just as well known. Svoboda's photographs were frequently reproduced as wood engravings in periodicals such as Le Tour du Monde. – Two backed tears in lower edge (ca 2,5 cm), small tear in right edge and lower left corner, creases in upper left corner, some surface scuff marks, stronger traces of previous mounting on the verso, otherwise a strong print.

€ 750   (US$ 877)

€ 500 (US$ 585)

Trémaux, Pierre
Plates from "Voyage au Soudan Oriental et dans ...

Los 4100

Fourteen plates from the publication "Voyage au Soudan Oriental et dans l'Afrique Septentrionale exécutés de 1847 a 1854. Atlas de Vues pittoresques, Scènes de moeurs, Types de végetation remarquables" Paris, Borrani, (1852 ff.). 8 salt prints from calotype negatives (circa 25,5 x 20 cm) and 6 lithographic plates after photographs on plates (time-stained in edges, foxing and soiling in margins), 34 x 50 cm.

The salt prints in this group are among the earliest photographic images made in Africa. The complicated process and the handling of various chemicals in the particular conditions of Africa presented a major challenge in 1847. It is almost a miracle that Trémaux managed to produce these calotypes. Between 1852 - 1854 Blanquart-Evrard produced salt prints for this publication based on Trémaux's calotypes. The plates with salt prints include: "Jeune Femme Nouba" (plate 36), "Fille du Da-Four" (plate 38), "Nubien et Égyptien" (plate 44), "Laveuse Égyptienne" (plate 46), "Femmes Égyptiennes" (plate 47), "Désert de l'Isthme de Suez" (plate 50), "Débris de Forêt Pétrifiée" (plate 52) and "Vue pittoresque a Tunis" (plate 56). The lithograph plates include: "Esclaves Schelouk et Dinka" (plate 37), "Esclaves du Soudan occidental" (plate 41), "Hommes du Sennar" (plate 42), "Femme du Sennar et du Dar-Four" (plate 40), "Femme Gallah et sa fille née d'un Blanc" (plate 43) and "Femme du Sennar" (plate 39). – Salt prints with some contemporary retouched spots, landscapes slightly faded, otherwise in very good condition and several salt prints with strong tones.

Lit.: Kathleen Stewart Howe. First Seen. Portraits of the World's Peoples 1840 - 1880. London 2004, ill. p. 54 (Egyptian washerwoman).

€ 2.000   (US$ 2.340)

€ 1.800 (US$ 2.106)

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